Learning more about running long distances

Today’s workout was a shorter run, but I am finding more and more that I dislike running on the treadmill.  Sometimes it is a necessity due to other things, but when it isn’t I plan to take full advantage of running outside.  Having those numbers rick away in front  of me keeps me focused on the time rather than just enjoying the run.  To try and make it a bit better I take my glasses off, however I am not yet so blind that I can’t make out the numbers.  Here is what I did today:

Now I am thinking about what are the things, besides the general training program that I need to know about when it comes to doing the half marathon.  So I am doing some research and I wanted to share some of it with you.
8 Tips for New Runners– this is from MommyRunFast, she offers a lot of information that she actually gathered from one of her fellow bloggers.  She of course added some suggestions of her own, doing other activities as well as running, taking time off from running each week, and refueling within 60 minutes of running.
Portman Nutrition Calculator– this is a tool where you can plug the exercise, the estimated length of time, and your weight and find out what type of refueling looks like.  My particular stats if I should be able to finish the half marathon in two hours looks like this:

  • Fluid (ounces) 41 oz
  • Nutrition (calories) 409
  • Carbs (grams) 61g
  • Protein (grams) 15g

The amount of calories burned is 2,500+ yikes!  This is good to know though for both the event and the training.
Active.com on recovery runs- I know nothing about recovery runs, so this article was super helpful, I can see in my own limited experience the change of when I run two days in a row.  I may experiment with this soon and see how my body reacts to it.
Active.com on 7 training tips for your first half marathon– Let me just say after reading this, I am realizing for now I need to not be so concerned about the speed of my pace.  My body has to adjust to being able to run that far, then the months after I can start looking at pace a bit more.  But, so far the longest run I have done is 4 miles, so my body has some adjusting to do.  It’s a good thing I am starting to work on it this early.

In short, I have a lot to learn still about running a half marathon and any kind of distance running.  I am excited though and a little apprehensive about running 5 miles this week, but every time I finish another goal I really get excited.  So if you are a runner what tips do you have for me and anyone else reading this?


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