Staying on track during vacation

I don’t usually post on Tuesday’s, but had the opportunity to work on a post during my lunch hour so here it is.  In less than a month I am doing a road trip back to my home state for two reasons: Father’s Day and my *GULP* 20 year high school reunion.  Last year when I did a road trip home I will be honest, it was the beginning of a back slide for me.  I gained weight and started eating larger meals and really struggled with getting back on track with dieting.

This year will be different!  There are a few reasons why it will be different for me and it won’t cause me to feel off balance again.

  • I am not dieting anymore– by that I mean, while I am continuing to be mindful of my portions and what I take in, I am working past that to focus on eating healthier.  I want a lifestyle change not a diet, there is a HUGE difference.
  • I am planning ahead– I am already thinking about the food I can prep to take with me so that bag of Twizzlers or Double Cheese Burger McWhopper doesn’t look so good.  If I have things with me like my home made protein bars, cut up veggies, and already made breakfast and salads I will be less likely to stop and buy stuff.  Added bonus of saving money as well.

  • I picked a place to stay that has a grocery store nearby, a microwave, and a fridge– I figure I can hit the grocery store and if I do go out I can have a place to keep my food good so I can eat more realistic portions rather than the portions that restaurants try to give you.

  • I have a training schedule– I have my half marathon training schedule to keep up with so I know that even if I have to rearrange it a tiny bit I need to stay on track with my goal.
  • I plan on taking lots of water with me in a cooler (along with the other things I mentioned) and drinking no energy drinks this time– dehydration can cause you to feel tired too and using caffeine to help you combat this is a losing battle.  Although I will probably take some green tea with me for a taste change and not all of it will be decaffeinated.  I also don’t want to drink my calories (unless it’s a beer with a friend).

  • I am better at working out without equipment now– I have been getting my research on to learn some new body weight exercises and will list them out to help me get my work out on while I am away from home and away from my gym.

  •  I have you– that’s right my blog readers are there to help keep me accountable.  I may not blog every night, but I will continue to post while I am gone and this will help me to stay on track.  In fact when it comes to accountability I have a friend who is a trainer out there that I hope to catch up with who I am certain will ask me how it is going.  I hope she is at the reunion so she can help remind me to stay away from too many fries and maybe I can check out her studio too!

All these things I know will help me to stay on track.  Now I know I don’t fit those jeans that I was able to wear last time I was out there, but I am getting okay with that.  I am adding muscle and with this training if weight comes off it does.  I am striving to be much less focused on that now.  With all of these things in mind I do believe I will end up coming back home to Vegas still focused and less discouraged than last year.  I can’t wait to see my family and I can’t wait to see my friends.  Don’t worry if it sounds like I won’t have much fun, I will I promise. 
Now that it’s vacation time how are you going to stay on track with any lifestyle changes you might be making?  How will you keep a nice mix of having fun and not going overboard.

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