Setting goals

Getting ready for the gym in just a bit and I’m anxious to work out.  I’m concentrating on increasing distance, but at the same time I noticed my upper body strength is going down a bit. So it’s a good thing I have some time today to work on it.  I still have my goal of doing a pull up as well as my new goal of running a half marathon and with those in mind they will shape my exercise routine today.

Here’s what I’m wondering, what are your goals?  I am not crazy enough to believe that everyone one has fitness goals. But do you have some goals in life you are working on?

I was talking to some friends at work about my half marathon training and they laughed about how that was not something they would ever try. I took no offense at all as I knew they meant none.  But I thought to myself what do you want out of life? Mind you they are older so perhaps they feel content at what they have. For me though, I hope that I never stop having some kind of goal to challenge me in life. 

My goals right now happen to be largely fitness related, that is just where I am in life at the moment.  Whether I get the privilege of having children or not I plan to have some fitness goals, because I hope that they will grow up to be active and healthy.  Many of my other goals in life are to do some travel, to climb one of the mountain peaks near here, do a pull up, become a certified personal trainer, and to finish a half marathon. 
So again, what are your goals in life?  Are there things that you are working for that you hope achieve in life?  One of the things in the corporate world that is discussed is using SMART goals.  In other words they need to be:
  • Specific- the more specific the more you can visualize achieving them.
  • Measurable- this would be the steps you are going to take to get there and how you will know when you get there.
  • Achievable- make goals that you know you can achieve, things that you have some amount of control or say over.
  • Relevant- again goals that mean something to you something that will motivate you.
  • Timely- this is related to more of the fact that if I say “someday” then who knows when someday will come, in fact many times some day never does come.

Use these perhaps to help you with lining out your goals, more than anything they need to be meaningful to you or you won’t put your all in to achieve them.


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