What a day…

I have not been feeling that great the last two days, but I was determined to not let it stop me from getting my run in.  I managed to do it, despite a few stops and starts at the gym.  I came to realize two things: I prefer running outside and I should really check my shoe strings before I start (thus one of the stops).  In actuality I felt great that I pushed myself instead of giving up and finished the workout.  I really didn’t want to, I mean REALLY didn’t want to.  After the first stop I was ready to give up because I was teetering on not doing it in the first place.  Then I got going again and a lady got on the treadmill right next to me (Im sorry I like my space and there were 20 other treadmills open) and she was wearing such strong perfume I had trouble breathing and sneezing.  Again, I teetered, I had that internal debate about just packing it up and going home.  Instead I moved to a different treadmill, got going…and then I had to pee.  SERIOUSLY..it was like nothing was going right so I could get into my groove.  But I pushed on so that I could keep up with my training program.

There are just going to be days when you don’t want to get up and get out there.  I work with a lot of people trying to make lifestyle changes and that involves behavior change in a major way.  I not only “preach” the ideas but I implement them myself.  Here’s what I worked with today in order to stay on track.  The concept that if you change one of these three areas the rest will follow and help establish new habits or the desired change.

  • Thoughts: If you think like someone who you admire or you want to emulate then you will do similar things and have like thoughts and make similar decisions.
  • Actions: If I act a certain way no matter whether I think or believe that way my actions will help to shape those.  Think of fake it till you make it. I know what to do so I will do it as it starts to become more comfortable.
  • Beliefs: If I believe that something is truly important to me then I will take that belief and use it to help me act and thus think like what I am trying to do.

Let me give you an example, if I go to the gym even though I don’t want to (so my thoughts and beliefs are not there) and I work out I will likely walk away thinking and believing that this was a good choice.  Most people that get in that door and work out do not go away thinking it was a waste of one hour of their life.  

For me, I am glad that I made it to the gym, it helped me to get closer to my goal.  My BELIEF that it was good for me and that it was going to help me in the long run is the only reason I didn’t duck out.  I know that it helped me to manage some other things like some emotions later because I was already in a better place mentally.  I know that it is one way that I can do something to help myself.   


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