Half marathon training day 2

I am EXHAUSTED tonight.  Really this training for the half marathon is just in the beginning, but my beginning body is tired.  I am so grateful that tomorrow is a rest day for me.  Works out well with my schedule and I can tell my body needs it. 

I am reminded how much running takes a toll on you physically and like I posted before a mental exercise.  So today to get that last half mile out I started visualizing my end goal.  It helps that I went on line and checked out the details for the Rock and Roll Marathon earlier today.  I looked at the pictures and the smiles of the people that participated.  I also saw that they will have a cart to pick up people that are straggling and can’t keep the pace.  That won’t be me though, I will do everything I can to do a good pace.  So here are some steps that I am taking to reach my goal:

  • I got some better shoes yesterday, the old ones were getting pretty worn, with a lot of miles on them.
  • I looked up a training program and started researching how I can build my strength.
  • I started looking at the nutrition aspect and will get some advice from some friends of mine to make sure I am doing what I can to fuel myself correctly.
  • I got on the website and started connecting with the event.  I also know how much I need to raise to register.
  • I am going to research some local training groups and may give them a try to see if group runs will help me.
  • I hydrated much better today before my run.
  • I picked up the pace, just a tiny bit.
  • I stretched more before and after.

I am going to keep seeking advice from those who have gone before in part because outside of a 5k this is totally new to me.  I love it though, there is a freedom to running that I can’t explain.  I am definitely not giving up my strength training and my quest for the pull up.  Strength training is important for running as well.  Have a great Friday by the way, I am going to a ballgame so I won’t be posting, see you on Saturday!

Not bad for just really starting.

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