The scale is a starting point, but not the end point #What’sbeautiful campaign

Recently I have been pondering a few things, having an internal struggle really.  I have shared parts of it here, my desire to be healthier and the struggle have had seemingly all my life with my weight.  Yes, I lost a lot and it was a big journey for me.  But now I feel like I am transitioning to a different part of my journey, one that focuses less on the scale and more on being as healthy as I can be.  I have really struggled with this, I won’t lie, for so many years it’s been the scale that I have focused on.  It started for a good reason, I needed that scale to see where I was starting, but not any more. 

Melissa at Live, Love, & Run recently dig a blog post that really hit home for me Letting go of 21 years of weight loss, I highly encourage you to read it.  As I read it and read the responses that she was getting from other women I started to cry, no lie, I was crying.  It was like reading my own internal struggles written down, exposed for the world to see.  The thoughts that I have that make me worry that I am obsessed and being neurotic, I’m not alone.  This brings me relief and sadness all at the same time.  A relief that perhaps I am not crazy, but a sadness that a number can control life so much.

It wasn’t just Melissa who has gotten me thinking lately, other bloggers I follow are starting to discuss this concept of letting go of the number on that scale.  Maybe we are all coming into our own at the same time, or maybe as a society we are starting to change.  To be honest I hope that as a society we are starting to change.

So here is my thought, my unprofessional, but been there and done that and so over it thought.  The scale is a STARTING POINT, but it is not the end point and certainly not where you should LIVE.  To constantly, daily or weekly consult the scale IS NOT LIVING.  So I will no longer live by that number on the scale.  I am going to put away my scale, not use the one’s at the clinics I work at, and stay away from the one at the gym.  It makes me nervous and excited all at once.  I want to break free, I know I can, I just have to do it.

Now to my newest putting it out there declaration: I have joined the Under Armour What’s Beautiful Campaign.  It’s a movement to help redefine beauty in the female athlete and as a friend of mine says, we are human and we are all athletes.  The biggest part of that is that I have started training to complete a half marathon.  We have the Rock and Roll Marathon here in Vegas in November and I plan to run it.  I will be thrilled if when I make it across the finish line.  So far I can run an entire 5k (3.1 miles) so I will be doing a program to add some distance and strength to get me across the finish line.  (I started the training today and did 3.1 miles at lunch, I was so tired and sweaty!)  I have talked about it for awhile and how neat it would be to do a whole marathon, but lets start with the half.  I will continue to blog my journey on here and on the Under Armour website.  I hope you will continue to follow and that you will help to cheer me on.  If you are a runner and/or blogger and you are going to do this marathon I would love to connect with you.  Now I have to figure out how to record my challenge and post it, oh and figure out how to Twitter chat too for some of this stuff.  If you are interested in joining the challenge (sorry it’s for women) then follow the link and check it out!


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