Sunday prep and some sites to check out

Just a short post today, because I am TIRED!  I have been super busy all day cooking for the week and dinner for the night.  I also got a really great workout in so I am pretty tired from that.  I’m really feeling good about my increased strength lately.  I am picking out some new exercises to try because I think my body has adapted to some of the stuff I have been doing for far to long.  So this morning, I was feeling a bit antsy and got a bug to get out and jog through the neighborhood before heading to the gym.  There was a nice breeze going as well and since it isn’t yet 100+ degrees here in Vegas it was another incentive to get out.  I did 3 miles and I am up to an 11 minute pace so far, I have been doing some interval training at the gym trying to improve my speed a little bit.  Then at the gym I worked mainly on my legs because I really worked my arms the day before.  I have added mountain climbers to my routine in addition to the burpees.  Let’s just say I hope I can walk tomorrow and although it will be a rest day I will be doing some stretching to say the least. 

As for all of my food prep I have been really enjoying eating salads through the week so I am sticking with the spring mix and chicken and adding as many different veggies as possible.  I also put some of the quinoa in it for a bit of a nutty flavor.  I still have a couple of protein bars left to eat on next week as well and will make a smoothie again for Friday’s lunch, I really enjoy having that. 

Now I want to share a couple of posts that you might want to check out, one is a yummy idea for making cookie dough greek yogurt, NOM NOM! Cookie dough greek yogurt
Next a lady with some nice workout sets that I am checking out Fit Knit Chick

So have a great night and try to relax for a bit before it starts all over again next week!


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  1. GiGi Eats Celebrities
    May 06, 2013 @ 03:26:16

    I have a DELISH salad combo for you: – Butter Lettuce- Olives- Capers- Hard Boiled Eggs- Green Beans- Tuna (Jarred in olive oil or seared)- Shaved Red Onion- OPTIONAL: Artichoke Hearts, Bell Peppers & Cherry Tomatoes*Dressing: Olive Oil, Dijon Mustard & White Wine Vinegar 🙂


  2. Formerlyfatgirl
    May 07, 2013 @ 01:06:00

    Hmm…very Mediterranean, lol. Sounds interesting I will have to try it, I am getting ready to start doing some fish instead of chicken. You can only eat so much chicken and not grow wings…


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