The beginning of change for 10 special people and a great opportunity to help

I can’t really go into detail about where I work or who I work for, but I want to share a bit with you about a journey that 10 very special people are making that started today.  Two of my friends/colleagues and I helped to put together a pilot project to get a wellness program going where we work.  Now these friends and I preach and live healthy lifestyles (okay so I had a brownie today, but it was one and not the pan a huge improvement).  What we all noticed was that a significant amount of people at work where overweight and appeared to be unhealthy.  We all work in some way in the health field, see a contradiction there?  So knowing that it is easy to learn what to do, but not always to practice it we set out to find a way to help others practice it. 
We hoped to find a few people interested in making a lifestyle change.  WOW!  We got a huge response, turns out a lot of people at our workplace want the change and feel like they need help, a perfect marriage.  So we put together a comprehensive program with training, education, support, etc. and started interviews to get this group of 10.

The interviews were hard on us because so many people wanted help and had great stories and reasons.  In the end we had to narrow it down.  Because of confidentiality I can’t really share particular stories (that is theirs to share anyway), but the overall theme was a desire to LIVE and not just live, but have quality of life too.

So today, we started (or rather they did) on this journey.  I say we, because I truly think each of them will have something to teach me along the way.  In many ways I get the struggles they have had and I know the journey they are getting ready to take.  I can’t express enough how exicted I am for them. I mean they are making a move to a whole new life in so many ways!  

As I listened to each  of them introduce themselves I heard another theme emerge, a recognition that they had spent so much time putting others in front of themselves that they forgot to take care of them. AGH! Another thing I am familiar with there and still struggle with.  I hope that as they make this journey they start to find that balance in their lives, the one that allows them to be moms and dads, yet also allows them to take time and make time to take care of themselves.  I can’t wait to help motivate them, challenge them, teach them, and learn from them.  It has me chomping at the bit to start working to be a CPT. 

I hope to post some things along the way that happen during this, things that I know they will teach me, that might help you.  I also know that this will help me to be accountable in my own actions and will reinforce good health as well.  An added benefit is also the fact that helping other people is honestly one of the best highs ever.  If you haven’t volunteered or had the pleasure of having a job that allows you to see others change, you don’t know what you are missing.


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