Self care night/Link love

No major post tonight, had a lot going on at home to take care of and an early morning tomorrow.  I wanted to share some links of blogs I am reading at the moment that I thought were interesting, then I should have some exciting stuff to post tomorrow about a wellness program I am helping with that gets kicked off tomorrow.  I can’t give a lot of details of course, but I know that when I get to meet the participants (I helped interview part of them) that the excitement will be electrifying.  So many of them have such good and attainable goals and I can’t wait to see the life transformations that happen in the next 90 days!  Anyway, enjoy the links, I hope you have a great Friday, and see you tomorrow!

10 foods to eat every day- No meat athlete
Simply Nutricising- Pin Party
Lean Green Bean- the main Pin It Party (so much good stuff!)
My Whole Food Life- amazing recipes!
Thrive Personal Fitness- The Scale You Should Use
Live Love and Run-12 ways to measure weight loss- should sound familiar


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