Priorities, exciting news, and Foodie Pen Pal reveal (you know you want to join)

I’ve been sitting here trying to figure out which ideas or whatnot that I want to post tonight.  While waiting for inspiration I am of course surfing Facebook and it occurs to me, there are better things I should/could be doing with my time.  I think there is a fine line between relaxing doing something mindless to take a break and allowing something to waste your time.  What I spend my time on speaks to my priorities doesn’t it?

There are many choices, subtle and not so subtle that really say something about the person we are and the priorities we have in life.  For instance if you spend all your time at the bar it gives a different message than lets say a church.  I am passing no judgement here on either activity just saying they both give a very different message.  So for me outside of my Facebook time the priority for taking care of me has changed a lot in the last 3 or 4 years.  I started realizing that I needed to make my own mental and physical health a priority.  So I started exercise and a healthier diet.  I am definitely not perfect by any means, but I make efforts daily to do something for my health.  Whether it’s eating 1-2 healthy meals and healthy snacks or making time to exercise. 
Coming soon, probably after my vacation in June, I will start a new journey to better health.  I plan on becoming a personal trainer and health coach.  I have been getting advice and narrowing down what I want to do.  The why is because I feel it will further my knowledge in a field that really interests me and would allow me to help other people in my job.  It’s a change from the years of social work and counseling in some ways, but in other ways will allow me to have a knowledge about helping the physical body as well as the mental.  It will mean eventually a change in some of my posting in that it will require a lot of studying, at the same time I hope to be able to share some good information on line through my blog.  I don’t plan to take on any clients when I succeed (I had to change that I almost put should I succeed, going with the positive here), but who knows where life might take me in the future.  Maybe this will be what I do when I retire, that and bake, I have always wanted to be able to have more time to bake, slight tangent sorry…So that’s the exciting news….

Now to the FUN!!!  I have been participating in a program called Foodie Pen Pals put together by one of my favorite bloggers Lindsay at the Lean Green Bean.  It was a rough start for me with getting a package back, but I decided to keep trying since it was fun to share stuff from Vegas with other people.  This month I got a package!!!!  I was so excited to come home from a long day at work and find it on the bed!  My pen pal was Cathleen Z. and I was her 1st she was a FPP virgin, ha!  She did an excellent job and I so appreciate her thoughtfulness.

My FPP box!

It had several goodies in it, part of which have a big dent in them and some that have yet to be devoured.  I got some Basmati rice (practically gone), honey sticks (nephew like people devoured and loved), Jiffy Pop (boyfriend called dibs, I will share), dried Turkish apricots (huge bag over half gone), Tempting trail mix ala Trader Joes (almost gone), a curry mix (waiting for a special dinner and will have to get more Basmati rice), and a spice mix (very good on my eggs and veggies).  All in all it was pretty awesome and I intend to keep signing up for it.  If you want to get involved in it it’s pretty simple to do.  You get a person assigned to you that you contact by email and get any dietary preferences or restrictions and a different person gets your name.  This way there is more variety going.  If you live in Canada or in Europe never fear you can still participate in your own group (the different groups are just to take away any shipping hassles).  Here’s the link if you want to find out more info and sign up Foodie Pen Pals

I hope you have a great day tomorrow and see you then!


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