Dealing with stressors

One of the biggest triggers for poor choices in my life is stress.  The stress of things I cannot control or simply don’t know how to deal with.  Being a bit of a control freak I really can’t stress to you how much it stresses me out, pun intended.  So the challenge is figuring out how to manage that stress without downing a carton of ice cream or a bowl of mashed potatoes.  I know I have already posted about stress before, but in my life this is something I know helps me if I revisit my management tools frequently.  Here are some options that may just help you:

  1. Exercise or physical activity- are you really surprised by me saying this?  I releases all kinds of good feelings and allows you to work some of the anger and or stress out.  I like running and punching my punching bag personally and no I don’t picture anyone’s face the act of punching and the impact is what helps me.
  2. Visualization- take a look at some pictures of an old and favorite period of time or vacation and allow yourself to really remember that place in time with all of your senses.  If it’s the beach think about the smells, sounds, the feeling of the warm sand or cool sand on your feet.  Maybe even pull out some shells or rocks that you picked up and use them to help you remember.
  3. Watch your favorite show- I am a big fan of several TV shows and I have a few favorite movies that always bring me comfort.  I have seen The Mummy, The Mummy Returns, Bridget Jone’s Diary, Die Hard, and Something About Mary a billion times.  I love them, laugh at the same spots every time, and much to everyone’s dismay can quote them.  In my teen years it was Clueless and Buffy the Vampire Slayer (shout out to Hollie, Brandy, Bryan, Michelle, and Natalie there).  “I’m immortal I can do anything” “oh yeah clap” and yes I own that movie…
  4. Gosh darnit some positive self talk- seriously do some self talk to work your way through what is going on reminding yourself of your self worth no matter what is going on (think Stuart Smalley and see a past blog of mine).
  5. VENT- find a good friend that will just listen, you know the ones that don’t just offer solutions, but know you just need to get it out.  If you don’t have an actual person try a journal.
  6. Road trip/staycation/walk away- sometimes compromise cannot happen because the other person refuses to compromise or sees no need to change.  If that is the case find some time away from them so you don’t lose it on them.. Trust me it won’t make it any better to just yell and scream all the time.  If you did it once and it didn’t work, it won’t work the next time you want to either.
  7. Play with your pet/kid/grandkid- I have some nephew type people that I can use to distract me if needed, but mostly I use my cat.  She has a bear that she uses for cardio exercise and I just got her a red dot to chase.  She’s 14 so it just lasts for a bit, but it is still funny as heck!
  8. Practice letting it go- this means over and over you may have to work on forgiveness.  No one in this life is perfect so it takes practice to do this.  It is not a one time thing.
  9. Pamper yourself- take some time out for you, get your nails done, hair done, a massage, or go fishing/play a round of golf.  Whatever it is that you enjoy but don’t get to do often go for it once and awhile, it is okay.
  10. Get a treat- if you won’t binge go for the occasional ice cream cone, frozen yogurt, or alcoholic beverage.  It’s okay to have the occasional treat, just remember to do it sensibly and don’t make it the number one thing you go for.  (If you can’t control that, then stay away from those things.  I personally choose to go for greek yogurt rather than ice cream, because I have self control issues with ice cream.  Beer on the other hand, is not an issue so I do enjoy a beer now and then.)

The point is, don’t hold on to your stress and allow it to eat you up and encourage self destruction.  Stress can also cause you to become bitter and angry, which will push people out of your life.  Stress also affects us physically, people that live in stress filled situations are more likely to be sick and have a hard time recovering from illness.  They tend to be heavier, have poor sleep, poor nutrition, and will wear themselves out both physically and mentally.  Take care of yourself, you deserve happiness, joy, and peace.


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