Sunday food prep and motivation for the week.

I got my food prep done FINALLY, it took a bit longer today just because I was working around trying not to disturb the whole house with my Ninja blender (it’s super loud and powerful).  Anyway, for my lunch meal this week I decided to go mostly veggie again.  I liked how light it was last week and this week will already be in the high 90-100 range in Vegas so cold lunches sound good to me.  So I got a few chicken breasts and cooked them in the pan on the stove top with some balsamic vinegar, olive oil, and some seasonings.  I chopped them up and put them on top of a big bunch of baby spring salad mix that I got.  I set about a cup aside in a baggie that I will use later to make a smoothie for my lunch on Friday.  I added some other chopped up veggies and cut some extras for snacking and then threw some chopped almonds on top of the salad.  The only thing missing is some peppers, I was totally out and forgot to grab more, so I may add some tomorrow.  I also cooked up some tricolored quinoa, I have only had the regular so I thought I would try this and add some to my salad for a boost of protein.

The other thing I made was the quinoa protein bars and this time I did it with dates like the recipe actually calls for.  For the quinoa I had the tricolored on hand so that is what I used so it was very pretty.  I must say that the prunes were easier to work with and I had to add a little moisture to the dates to get them to ball up like I needed.  I also decided to forgo the chocolate covering (sorry but that is way too much work for me), but I recently bought some double chocolate hemp protein powder and added that to it so it will be very chocolately.  Here’s the base recipe, I have found you can use it and just modify a bit here and there for yourself, next time I might try dried apricots with it. Quinoa protein bars

In my career I have been blessed to be able to have jobs where I am able to help support, guide, and teach people to become healthier.  Whether it had to do with helping them attain recovery from an addiction or like now to take control their health so they can have more quality to their life.  When I need motivation or inspiration I look at them.  I mean who knows better what it is like to feel hopeless than an addict.  In fact it is the very act of inspiring hope that helps someone to start moving towards change.  The thing I have noticed is that many times we expect change to happen quickly.  It’s said that the addicted mind thinks “I want what I want when I want it”.  In my observation that is true more and more for many people addict or not.  Just look at our commercials for faster cable and internet or the desire to have a car that goes from 0 to 60 in seconds.  Hello! Why do those things matter?

Here’s my suggestion to you…it’s great to have goals, but perhaps we should not forget to look at the seemingly small changes.  We should be grateful for the small improvements that we see in our health as well as the big.  My post yesterday talked about numbers beyond the ones you see on the scale and their importance.  Besides that think about this, if you start exercising and eating healthier you get to LIVE A MORE QUALITY LIFE.  What could be better than that?  To be able to keep my independence as long as possible by taking care of my body, that is my inspiration and motivation. What is your inspiration to keep going when you want to stop?


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