Sunday updates!!!

Just a quick note today.  I haven’t blogged as much the last few days for a few reasons, but mostly because I am taking some much needed time off.  The time off however doesn’t mean time off from working out!!!  In fact I have hit the gym each day (it’s only been since Friday, but still).  It has felt great to work myself hard and work out some stress and anxiety. 

I have accomplished a few new things at the gym that I am ecstatic about!  For one I am able to get on the pull up bar and actually lift myself up ever so slightly about 5 times before I drop.  I love being able to see and feel the progress and in fact my “bat” wings are shrinking a tiny bit.  I am not expecting miracles here, but it is nice to see.  Secondly, I have been doing some changes with my jogging on the treadmill by doing 1 minute intervals.  With doing this I have been able to work myself up to a faster pace then I have ever done.  It leaves the legs feeling like jelly, but it feels oh so good! 

I have alluded to, but not really said that I have gained back some of my weight. To be honest I was waiting to see if it is muscle gain or fat gain.  I think what is going on would be better described as a plateau, I stopped pushing myself for a bit. Let’s face it, if you don’t sweat it wasn’t a work out and there were a few of those going on.  So I am doing what every expert I read suggests and changing up my workouts, increasing the resistance, and logging my food intake.  I want to get a good picture of what is going on so I can increase the muscle and keep that fat down.  Either way, I know with the results I am seeing that my strength is increasing and I LOVE IT!!!

On to the food prep, I haven’t done any, LOL!  I am actually off work tomorrow and will work on it then I have in my head pretty much what I am going to do, I just gotta make it.  So that is just a quick little blurb for today.  Tomorrow I will update the food prep and update you on some new songs that I have on my play list.  Have a great Sunday and go outside to enjoy it!


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