Reminding ourselves what it’s all about

There are some days, maybe even weeks, when it is bound to cross your mind.  At least in my experience I know that I have the thought, what is the point of all this work it takes to be healthy or even just fit?  I would like to say that it’s always easy because it has become a lifestyle.  Some days it is easier than others, I have a day full of energy, drive, and focus.  Today hasn’t been one of those days and in fact there have been several of those lately.  The reason I haven’t completely back slidden into my old habits is that I am using the infamous “fake it till you make it” theory.  It does work, I know it does because I always come out of whatever binge eating or slacking that might happen.

Right now I want to discuss what it’s all about for me.  It’s funny that I spend my days trying to help others find their motivation, yet my humanity means I have to remember to do that for me too.  So, what is the point for me when it comes to giving up part of my lunch hour to exercise or to give up part of my weekend to try and make sure I have a few healthy meals during the next week? 

  • I really didn’t like how I felt physically when I was over weight
  • My self worth has increased with the knowledge that I am worthy and deserve to feel better
  • I enjoy being physically active and get a real kick out of each new physical accomplishment
  • I know from experience that my body feels better when I eat better
  • I don’t like how certain eating habits controlled and consumed me (hiding what and when I was eating)
  • It may be shallow, but I enjoy being able to wear smaller clothes
  • I love the way I feel after a really good workout, every ache and every pain is a reminder that I worked hard to get here

It’s normal to lose focus, we aren’t perfect (I have it on good authority that even the healthiest of eaters have moments of junk food).  The important part is to get back on track and remember why we do what we do.  After all it took years to develop the bad habits, it will take time to establish the good ones.  It takes efforts to maintain as well.  I am reminded of the Stages of Change by Prochaska and Di Clemente which are in short:

  • Pre-contemplation- no concept of a need to change
  • Contemplation- thinking about change, but not necessarily convinced, looking at the why’s
  • Planning- decided to change and now I need to research and figure out the how’s
  • Action- I figured out how, what, when, where and now I am doing it
  • Maintenance- Keeping the change going long term

I guess you could take this as a confession in part, I have been hitting the candy and cookies hard that are here at home.  I have been in the maintenance stage and it proves I need to take a look again and the why and the hows on stopping; this is part of the planning process for me.  Thank you for indulging me in this soul searching and refocusing, I probably need to do it more often.

Tell me what is your reason for change, what change are you looking for in your life to make it better?  Most importantly what steps are you taking to get there?


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  1. Yvonne Burdette
    Apr 11, 2013 @ 15:21:25

    Finally, the reason I have no motivation to speak of, I have been fine with the maintenance stage, Keeping the Change Going!!! Now I need to take action and make a New Change!!!


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