Sunday prep, workout, and thoughts

Well no pictures today, was in a bit of a rush to do my prep.  I made some brown rice, quinoa, onion, celery, tomatoes, and left over Easter baked ham for my lunches this week.  I also have a bag of carrots and celery chopped up and ready for snacking.  I also prepped a bunch of veggies for a whole wheat pasta, veggie, and ham salad tomorrow for dinner (gotta use it up).  I will add some pesto to it and maybe a bit of garlic clove for some added flavors and some tomatoes.  I went to Trader Joe’s and grabbed some dried mangos, a Luna bar, and some Lars bars to try.  I also did that because I had some running to do after the gym and knew I would be starved.  I tried some coconut water and well…BLECK!  Definitely not my thing it did not taste good to me at all and I couldn’t finish it, just give me regular water and I will be fine thank you! 

I am finding that one of my biggest challenges is eating healthy in the morning.  Oatmeal just holds very little interest for me, I try it again and again, but eggs are my breakfast of choice.  So I am going to try a method of making an egg in the microwave and see how that goes for me.  I feel like if I can get into a better routine for my breakfast it will improve my health and save me money by taking me further away from processed foods.  I am seriously considering trying to increase my clean eating, so much that I practiced label reading today and opted out of a few choices.

On the workout front, today I decided to try some interval training on the treadmill with my jogging.  I did 30 minutes overall and worked on increasing the speed to as high as I could for 1 minute and then back down to a slow jog for a minute then back up.  I found that I was able to increase my speed quit a bit as I went a long and I was able to do it for about 20 of the 30 minutes.  Then I decided to work my legs a bit more, my abs, and then do some burpees.  I haven’t really done much of them up to now, but I managed to do 3 reps of 10 before I felt like dying.  Let’s just say my legs can really feel it all right now, it’s a good pain though.  As for my pull ups, I am almost ready for phase 2 of the journey I just need to get my standing lat pull weight up just a bit more, here’s the link if you want to try yourself.  Clear the bar

While I was working out I had a thought come to me that I am still sorting out, who are you when being fat was always a part of your identity? I’m still thinking it over and thinking about why it was a part of my identity.  Well, I hope you all had a great weekend and I will post a bit tomorrow, perhaps on label reading since I seem to be on a kick about it lately.  I also finally got all of the ingredients I need for my own protein bars so I will be making them sometime this week and will let you know how they work out. 


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