Fabulous Friday Finds! I’m going link crazy!

Tonight I just wanted to share a few links or some food for thought.  Yesterday I did a post about clean eating and hope it gave you some good ideas.  I do want to add to this with a few more really good links. 

One in particular that is about 100 Days of Real Food, Lisa Leake offers a lot of great information on getting processed food out of your diet with articles about planning, making meals for kiddos, freezing things ahead, and cutting out processed foods.

The Eat Clean Diet which is a page by Tosca Reno- she is one of the major contributors to the Clean Eating Magazine.  You have to check it out if nothing else you have to be impressed by those arms!  I am fairly certain she could win her fair share of arm wrestling contests.  She’s got tools, support, and of course recipes; never fear though she is into exercise as well.

Recently I have started checking out Mommy Run Fast, she’s a social worker, a spin instructor, a mother and wife, a holistic health coach, and RRCA running coach. That’s right she is, I suspect, Super Woman…DUN DUN DUN!!  Not really, but she seems to be pretty cool and she is a part of a View Sport running gear give away, and what the heck you might as well try it (I am).

Finally take a look at this page Endorphin Warrior Society.  They sell some pretty cool gear and have a nice blog too.  Their most recent post is about some benefits of exercise.

Finally, I am doing some research on the use of protein shakes, let me say I need to do more and will probably give some very general information because it seems to me that it really depends on what your goals are.  On a personal note, I might end up doing an elimination diet soon as I seem to be having some problems digestively.  I will see what happens after I do a log for a week to track how I feel when I eat.  If it helps me to feel better that will be awesome. Until next time have a great meal and or workout!


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