What is this clean eating they speak of?

I don’t know about you, but not being trained in topics such as nutrition and really just learning this as I go along, I started seeing things about healthy eating and got rather confused.  What the heck do they mean when they say clean eating?  I understand a balanced meal with lean protein, veggies, fruit, and whole wheat and whole grains.  But this clean eating thing seems to be different, so I picked up a magazine and started research on the internet. 

I am really digging this magazine!  Great recipes and a simple explanation of what clean eating means.  First of all it isn’t a diet (win) it is a “lifestyle approach to food and it’s preparation, leading to an improved life- one meal at a time” (double win).  The basic concepts are these:

  • eat three meals with two to three small snacks that focus on including the protein, fresh fruit/fresh veggies, and using COMPLEX CARBOHYDRATES (besides veggies which are complex carbs) with each meal (and snack).  
  • choose organic whenever possible (notice it doesn’t say totally this is a realistic approach that says you might not be able to due to budget issues.
  • drink water (see my previous post about water for info on possible amounts and further guidance)
  • read your labels, if it has a list that is as long as the product and has words you can pronounce it probably isn’t so good for you.  It is likely to be human made and would not be considered clean.
  • avoid PROCESSED and REFINED foods (white flour, sugar, breads, and pastas) this goes back to adding complex carbohydrates instead
  • stay clear of high saturated and trans fats, fried foods *DUN DUN DUN*, and high sugar foods.
  • eat your healthy fats Mayo Clinic Healthy Fats 
  • portion sizes- if you want to blow your mind start looking these up Sparks people portion sizes 

I know it looks like quite a list, but it really is a simple concept.  Even if all you take away from this is to really take a look at your labels and reduce the processed foods, that is great.  I am working on it and found this magazine a great starting point as far as recipes, possible products, and clean eating info.  I promise I am not getting any kind of kick back here I just want to share what I hope is helpful info.  Here is their website if you want to do some more research, also here a are a few other websites to help you explore the topic.
Clean Eating Magazine
Eating Well
CNN what is clean eating?
Clean eating for Dummies

Hope this helps or at least gets you to think a bit before downing a box of Twinkies (whatever they might be called now).  In case you are worried, there are clean eating recipes for all kinds of sweet stuff so really you won’t be missing out. As for my challenge update, still going at it and doing some research to find a variety of alternatives to body weight exercises (seriously don’t know what I would do with out the ability to Google).  Check out this website for a few ideas if you are wondering what could be done besides squats, dips, push ups, pull ups, and sit ups.  Greatist website 50 bodyweight exercises

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