Bouncing off the brick wall or jumping off the plateau

Today while I was at work I had an inspiration for this topic, what to do when you feel that inevitable plateau or like you have hit a brick wall.  I think everyone on their health and fitness journey can relate to this topic, seriously I don’t care how fit a person looks I can almost guarantee they have had this happen.  The difference might just be that they figured out how to get past it and keep going, whereas (if you are like me) some of us hit that brick wall with a SPLAT!!!  So what is the real defining difference between someone who is seeing success and those who aren’t?  Simply what they do once they feel the SPLAT; they stop and think and don’t give up hope or give in to the voice that says why even try.  If you are dealing with this and trying to figure out the next step maybe these steps will help.

  1. Write it down:  Pick a week and track what you are doing both with activity and with eating.  Let’s be honest when it comes to estimating how active we are or how many calories we have burned we tend to over estimate.  When it comes to how many calories we have taken in, we do the opposite and under estimate.  *Please do take caution here if you have an eating disorder and don’t do it without first consulting with your doctor, dietitian, trainer, or counselor.*
  2. Reevaluate your goals- Make sure that your goal weight is appropriate/achievable for your particular body type.  There are several different builds, we aren’t made from cookie cutters so we won’t all have the flat belly that the people in magazines have.  (Truly it kills me to say that, but I have to acknowledge that about myself and *sigh* accept it.) Again this would be a good time to hit up an expert about these types of things and really delve into research on it.
  3. Focus the small changes- Body changes don’t happen overnight nor should they.  Make some small changes to your eating and/or your workout routine.  Small changes can lead to some big results.
  4. FOCUS ON MORE THAN THE SCALE- There are more indicators of change than the numbers on the scale in front of us.  Look at how clothes are fitting, are they loser?  Do your measurements see if there is a change there.  Check your body fat and lean muscle ratio, heck just try to lift or move something (carefully) that you haven’t before.  Time how long you jog or stay on whatever machine, you might just see an improvement.  Fitness is more than the number on the scale.

  Most of all stop and think, don’t just give up and give in to feelings of frustration and defeat.  True change takes time and consistency; keep moving and you will see changes.  Hope this helps!

On a different note I want to update you and share a link to the challenge I am involved in.  It’s with DIY and it’s pretty simple; eat one healthy meal a day and spend 20 minutes doing body weight exercises.  I’m doing fairly well so far, the activity on Tuesday was 10 minutes short so I have to plan better for next week.  It also gives me a heads up that days I work late might be a challenge so I know that for my Friday nights as well.  If you are interested and going to join post a comment on here and we can start a team if you want!  Here’s the link: DIY Health Challenge  I am still learning how to navigate the page and add stuff, but it is pretty cool!


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  1. Anonymous
    Apr 04, 2013 @ 03:46:12

    Go Jen!! 🙂


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