Monday motivation and a big challenge!

I am personally needing a bit of a swift kick today.  So hopefully this will motivate me as well as you.  I had a great workout yesterday and today, eh not so much.  I haven’t really worked out at all, technically it’s a rest day, but now it just doesn’t feel right not to work out.  In a few minutes (after my food digests) I think I will break down and go punch the bag for a bit if nothing else.

So to increase my motivation I am also surfing the blog world for some good ideas and some inspiration.  I have discussed following Lindsay at Lean Green Bean a few times and really it’s because she has a lot of good info to share.  Recently she shared a post about things she has learned from blogging and I found that to be extremely helpful myself.  Here is the link if you want to check it out. Lean Green Bean- Things Blogging Has Taught Me 

Another one of my favorite blogs is my friend Pamela at Thrive Personal Fitness.  She recently did a podcast about what to eat when you are craving sweets.  Hello!  That’s me all the time!  I know I am not the only one so check it out it just might help. What to eat when you crave something sweet. 

Now another blog you might want to check out is Hungry Healthy Girl.  I will be honest I am just starting to look around at her stuff, but her link to Quest Bar giveaways. The post also includes her Easter adventures with some cute kiddos.  I entered the contest a few times, I am always open to trying new stuff. Marvelous Easter Weekend & Giveaway

Finally I am entering a challenge, yikes!  It’s a 30 day challenge that I think is easily doable. I will keep you up do date on how I do.  It’s a challenge to eat one healthy meal a day and do 20 minutes of body weight training a day.  (I gotta get off of here to get that part done real quick.  If you want to check it out here is the link, maybe you can join. DIY Health Challenge 1 Healthy Meal and 20 Minutes of Body Weight Exercise 

Good news also is that the Black Bean Burgers came out scrumptious!  I will post the recipe soon, it includes an ingredient you wouldn’t guess….anyway hope you have a rocking Tuesday as it is my day off from here.  See you on Wednesday!


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