Sunday food prep and musings aka ramblings…

It’s time again to prep for the week ahead so that I can stay on track, or mostly on track.  I decided to make black bean burgers again for my lunches.  This time I did it a little bit different by adding chopped up carrots, onions, and a can of hot Rotel.  It was so hot in fact that I got a little worried about the taste being too much so I added a pinch of sugar and cinnamon.  I haven’t eaten one yet so here’s hoping it comes out good.  For the record they smelled great.  I also discovered spaghetti squash this weekend and made some for the weeks lunches as well.  I wrote down my black bean burger recipe and if it is not a fail then I will post that for you later.  Here’s the beginning product:

And here is the end product:

I also added some sun dried tomatoes that I had in the fridge for a nice bit of flavor.  I almost said for some added veggies and then it hit me I am eating all veggies.  HA!  Add to all of this some cut up veggies (green pepper, celery, carrots) and I will get some greek yogurt tomorrow at the store so I can snack on that and make my smoothie.  I also still have some of my chickpea/wasabi pea mix and trail mix to eat off of.  That stuff has lasted a long time!

So here is my musing or rambling for the night.  One thing I have seen repeatedly at the store checkout are magazines touting the next newest bestest thing to take care of stomach fat.  REALLY!  Seriously just once I would love to see something that says “in all honesty we can’t promise this will work for you but hey give it a try”.  Or even something that said “your stomach isn’t that bad and you look fine”.  I think it’s just not cool that they prey on something that they know is a major insecurity for many women.  

For future reference if anyone has a magic pill please let me know.  I know that some of the people I know do these wraps, but I really don’t know how it is that they are supposed to work.  To date the most successful thing I know of is eating appropriately (balanced variety of nutrients and portions) and exercise.  

Speaking of which I’m doing pretty well with my running again, it seems that my knees are going to do better now.  It’s nice because I have missed jogging.  So that said have a great week all and this week I will be posting some about goal setting and gathering some info and links to share on the use of protein drinks.  Have a great night it’s time to watch the zombies!


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