5 reasons why I went to the gym today instead of taking a nap.

No really, I did go to the gym despite the intense desire to remain at home and cuddle under some covers for a bit.  I actually said to my boyfriend, “maybe I will just skip the gym today”, he said “why?”.  Frankly I couldn’t come up with a good answer so I changed and went.  I was still drained, even up to the point that I was on some cardio equipment and starting (I went with the elliptical today).  So really, what made me go to the gym (I love my boyfriend, but really it wasn’t just his question and I don’t want him to get a big head).  Here are the top 5 reasons that I go to the gym.

  1. Past experience has taught me that no matter how tired I am I will have more energy afterwards.  Without fail I start to get a bit more energy and am able to do what I need through the day when I go.
  2. I have this goal of doing a pull up and I know that I have to work on upper body strength to get there.  You may be tired of hearing it, but I really want to do this.
  3. I have about 100 lbs of reasons to do this, I don’t want to go back to where I was so move forward I must. (Sorry channeled Yoda for a second.)
  4. I like to eat and if I am going to keep from having to do the calorie count thing I should really stay active while I work out my portion issues.
  5. It is a part of how I manage my stress and mental health.  Chalk part of it up to the endorphins, adrenalin, serotonin, and dopamine I get from it I’m sure.  Another big part is that of all the things I cannot control I can for the most part control or should I say greatly influence how well my body performs and deals physically with life’s challenges.   

So today (and many other days believe me) that is why I ended up at the gym.  Having a bit of a stressful week will drain you and maybe even depress you, but if you focus on why you are doing the things that are healthy for you and just push through you might just feel good about it in the end.

On a totally unrelated note, tried Spaghetti Squash today instead of pasta with a dish, YUMMO!  We baked it in the oven for about 90 minutes at 375 after you slice it in half and pull the seeds out then put it face down on a cookie sheet.  Basically you leave it in until it is tender and can be poked with a fork.  I am thinking that I will make one tomorrow to take for my lunches along with some more black bean burgers.  I am trying some different seasonings with the burgers and if it comes out yummy I will post a recipe here.  I also have an idea for a protein packed smoothie using full fat greek yogurt, almond butter, and a few other things to add some fruits and veggies.  If it tastes good (I’ll have some others help taste test too) then I will pass along that recipe as well. 

In the mean time, tell me what helps you to go and exercise on those days that you don’t want to?  Any tips or tricks you can share?


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