Motivation Monday!!

So what motivates you?  I must admit that there were many things that worked together to get me going when I started working out regularly.  As time kept going I found that I really enjoyed working out.  I remember the first time I was able to jog on the treadmill for a full 60 minutes.  Oh my goodness the endorphin rush was wonderful!  Aside from the physical exercise giving me that I think that there was a fair amount of hormones going on because I had just broken through a barrier and pushed myself more than I ever thought possible. 

As time went on I saw myself beat more and more of those barriers.  I am sure that more than one person at the gym has noticed me jumping and doing fist pumps in the air while mouthing “YES!”.  If it’s out there on the internet I haven’t seen it yet ha!  Another frequent motivator I mentioned a few posts ago was the feedback I got from others.  I will also admit being able to wear a lower size of clothing was inspiring as well.

Here is my question to you, is there one thing maybe one activity that you would love to be able to achieve?  Something you see others doing and wish that you could do as well?  For me one of those things was jogging, it seemed to me that the people I saw had a freedom I didn’t so I worked for it.  Once I moved out here where there are mountains, I found a new goal.  To hike to high peaks and look down onto the valley; it’s hard to not be inspired by this.  I can’t tell you how breath taking the view from the mountains is.

Here’s my suggestion to you, find what inspires you and go for it!  You never know if you can make it unless you try to go for your goal.  I don’t know if I will ever make a full marathon or even a half, but I want to try.  I don’t know if I will make it to the peak of Mt. Charleston, but I want to try.  I figure along the way I may just achieve some other things I wasn’t sure I could ever do.  Other not as major goals I have mentioned, doing a pull up and doing a handstand.  Every day I am getting closer to the pull up; in fact this weekend on Sunday I was able to do 3 sets of 7 dips and had a witness that I actually moved too!  I will keep going for it and someday will be able to do that pull up. So what star are you going to shoot for?

PS  I have decided that since Tuesday’s I work until 8 pm that I will not be posting on Tuesdays.  It’s a part of self care to have a night unplugged and I am tempted to go completely unplugged and even avoid Facebook *GASP*!  Anyway see you on Wednesday!


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