Sunday food prep…

It’s that time again, every weekend a part of staying on track with things is to prepare some of your food ahead of time.  Now I am blessed in that most nights I have help and dinner is done before I get home, but to stay on track during the week I work hard by putting some things together on the weekend.  Today I did do most of it on Sunday; the only thing I did yesterday was make some quinoa.

Because I am really busy I find that I have to do prep kind of through out the day, but believe me doing it all at once is much easier.  In fact right now I have a bunch of chicken on the grill for the family for dinner, while I have my mixture for black bean burgers in the freezer setting up.  I may end up frying them or putting them in the oven I am not sure yet.  So far it looks gross, but smells good.  I loosely followed some recipes I found on line and kind of winged it.  I put mushrooms, carrot, green pepper, onion, celery, quinoa, crackers (ran out of bread crumbs), and black beans all together in my processor and *blend blend* here they are.  I plan on having it with the black rice I made for the week.  I may throw a little bit of tomatoes in the rice just for kicks.  To add to it there is the always present greek yogurt, cut up veggies, and later I will be picking up some Kind bars.  I am considering making a smoothie tomorrow to take with me on Tuesday when I work until 8 pm.  I find that I get to feeling like I am starving by the time I get home if I don’t get a good snack in the late afternoon.  If the black bean burgers don’t pan out, I guess I will be eating some black bean crumble with my rice.  That or if it tastes awful I might have to go pick up some other chicken and cook it tomorrow.  *Fingers crossed here*

For the rest of the family (nephew type people) that are home for spring break I made some breakfast quinoa bars, it’s a slightly modified recipe from the Lean Green Bean Quinoa breakfast bars

I hope you all have a great week this week time to get a bit of rest (I swear I haven’t sat all day) and watch my zombies soon.  Feel free to share anything you all do to prep for the week too.

*Update, the burgers don’t taste too bad, need a little more flavoring next time maybe some salt too.  One of the nephew types liked them too.


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