Working out at work, what?!?!

That’s right, there are no longer any excuses (well if you want to make them you will) there are ways to work out at the office.  Of course we all have different types of settings we work in and you might have to adapt things, but there are many different things you can do to stay active during the day.  This means even people who have a lot of obligations or family can still make the time to take care of themselves.

Currently the recommendations by the CDC are that adults get approximately 150 minutes of exercise a week.  This can be interpreted a few ways, but figure 30 minutes a day most days of the week of exercise.  This should be a combination of aerobic and resistance training.  So what can be done while at the office you ask?  Here’s a few ideas to get you headed in the right direction.
1. Using a table or counter get into push up position, make sure to keep your back straight and your body aligned, and do a push up.  Do them in the same amount of repetitions as you might if you were doing “regular” ones.  This is a great way to start if you are unsure about doing push ups on the ground.

2. Stand up and then sit down, no really just don’t sit all the way down on the chair.  Do a squat (remember to keep proper form) over your chair.  This is really good for people that aren’t very practiced at squats.

3. Find the nearest stairwell and get going.  If your knees will allow it just plug in some music or grab a friend and start going up and down the stairs a few minutes at a time.  Even if you are pretty fit, the stairs can really get your heart pumping and you breathing harder.

4. Stand up and do some knee lifts 10-20 reps and kick it up a notch and add some arms to do some tricep curls.

5. Bring some resistance bands to work and use them for either arms or legs.

6. Do lunges down the hall or across the room (give your coworkers a laugh).

7. Sit on the edge of your chair lift your legs up and do some scissors.

8. Take a water bottle hold it in both hands, sit at the edge of your chair with your feel firmly planted.  Keeping your lower body still turn your upper body from side to side.  This will work your abs and your arms.

9. Use a water bottle to do bicep or tricep curls.

10. Get up and walk at a quick pace, just move!

There are a few sites I found pretty easily using Google to get some of these and some are from experience.  It’s really about just getting up and moving instead of sitting all day.  Here are a few websites that I looked at and one had hilarious graphics that I found to be entertaining if nothing else.

Now on to the rest of the good stuff; I have recently added a few new songs to my playlist.  I added Titanium, the Greatest Hit’s of Will Smith (I am still deciding on my favorite, but I love Summertime for a cool down), and Talk Dirty to Me by Poison.

Finally I want to celebrate a little because today when I was walking at lunch I discovered something.  The park I was at had some fitness equipment so I decided to see how I was doing with a pull up.  OMG I was able to hang on the bar and move ever so slightly!  I am sure no one looking at me (who I am sure thought I was a nut for the cheesy grin alone) could really tell, but I felt it.  Not to mention that in the past I would have not even been able to hang on the bar much less move!  I did some hanging crunches as well to get a little extra burn.  So psyched that I am making some progress!  I will tackle you yet pull ups!!  On that note tomorrow I will share a bit more about my personal experience and ways I kicked some of my excuses to get into action.

That’s the bar next time I will try and work my way across, that would be a first!



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