Motivation Monday!!!!

Okay so plainly said I could just post one thing here: Do it, just do it!!!  But in my experience that rarely works when trying to get people to get to change.  The other day I was at an ethics training and we got to see one of the funniest videos.  Now mind you the room was full of people in the mental health field. It made us laugh I think because on some level we all have someone or a time in our life that we want to tell someone to just stop it.  We want people to simply be able to jump into action.  Well, that takes time and it takes motivation.
So how do we find motivation to make a change?  We get sick and tired and done with the way things have been and get the confidence that we can do better or at least decide we have to try.  We get a taste of success and we use it to keep going!  

One of my motivations was that my mother had some health problems a few years ago and I suddenly realized that some of them were hereditary based and some lifestyle.  I knew I didn’t really eat better than she did and have the same genes so, I needed to do something.  Along the way I had friends to support me and help hold me accountable.  I posted my success on my Facebook and got encouragement from my family and friends.  All of this and how I started to notice how much better I felt physically pushed me further and further.  This last Sunday I got home from the gym and realized, I love feeling physically fit!  That is my motivation for working out and eating healthier.  

What will kick you out of ambivalence into action?  Ambivalence is just a fancy term for feeling two ways about one thing.  People feel that all the time, just think love hate relationship.  Look at what is going on and whether or not it really benefits you to stay the same or to change.  Start small and look for small changes instead of expecting massive results right away.  Most of all don’t give up, keep trying because practice does make perfect.  I am quite positive that my shuffle/walk/jog combination that I did when I first started jogging was NOT impressive.  But I liked it, felt good to be challenged and I enjoyed it.  I am still pretty sure that me jogging is not the prettiest site, but I am out there to sweat not impress. So what will be your motivating factor?  What will get you moving?

On another note, the reason for such a late post is I was experimenting with my Ninja Total Kitchen System.  I decided to make my 1st smoothie after I read a few recipes.  I put in one red apple, one banana, 5-6 ice cubes, 1 cup of plain Greek Yogurt, and 2 cups of spinach and mixed greens.  It came out tasting great, but if you are looking for pulp free you would need to use a strainer.  I personally didn’t care and like it as is.  I put it in the freezer after drinking a bit (very filling) so lets hope it comes out okay tomorrow.  Next time I am thinking I might add some cucumber as well.

I am off to bed to rest my body and hopefully my mind.  I hope you find your motivation to do better and try harder every day, because YOU ARE WORTH IT!!


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