Sunday prep and thoughts on change…

So I don’t have any pictures today, sorry it was a pretty busy day.  I actually did most of my prep yesterday.  I barbecued some steaks for dinner and thought to myself that chicken would be good for the rest of the week so I grilled a few chicken breasts to add for my protein to my lunches.  Along with that I have some soba noodles, sun dried tomatoes, and some green peppers.  I put a little bit of sesame seed oil on it all as well and will throw some chia seeds in for some added fiber.  Then I did my traditional (it’s a new tradition I admit) of my roasted chickpea/wasabi pea mix and my trail mix of raw almonds/cranberries/granola/dried bananas.  I also am trying Trader Joe’s version of full fat greek yogurt.  I prefer the full fat because I can honestly tell that I feel fuller and more satiated with that compared to the 0% and 2%.  I also prefer the plain because the other tastes too sweet to me.  I also have some bananas in the freezer waiting for me to make them into soft serve.  Did it last night and it was a hit with a little peanut butter in it.  Finally I have some quinoa in the fridge to add to salads and to make some quinoa breakfast bars later.

Okay just a little info on change, a teaser really for an upcoming blog.  How long do you think it takes to change a habit and establish a new one?  Habit’s die very hard especially the ones we have done for a long time and the ones that give us a “benefit”.  Think about some of the habits you have in your life and what benefit they give you.  I got to thinking about this because I heard a well intentioned person tell a friend at the gym that it takes a week to establish a habit.  I really wanted to laugh out loud at that statement, I will tell you this much he’s wrong.  If it were that easy I am convinced we would have no obesity, no debt, and would all be happy and darn near perfect.  Last time I checked that wasn’t the case, so we have to work to change ourselves, improve ourselves, and establish habits that are good for us. 

I was a zombie jogger last Halloween

Alright well have a good night and enjoy what is left of the weekend.  Have a great day tomorrow when we will have Motivation Monday.  Now excuse me while I go and watch one of my treats some zombie killing.


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