Stopping to ask for directions…

Okay so I don’t think that I am the only one who has problems with this, but when I go to the gym I am all over the place.  No really, I do my cardio and I have that down pat (I LOVE my cardio), but then I get done and I say to myself “self you know that you need to do weights so do some”.  So I meander around looking at the machines and randomly pick some to do.  My best effort is that I will pick one and work on it every time I go to the gym for awhile.  I see improvements for that machine no doubt, but am I accomplishing what I want? 

Maybe and maybe not, to be honest I don’t really know.  So I am calling in some support to help me out.  I like many people need a bit of guidance and I plan to get some.  In the meantime I think that there might be a solution to me feeling as if I am being too random.  (Drum roll here….) I am going to take a notebook with me to the gym, shocker I know.  Well a notebook of sorts, I hate carrying much and I use my phone to listen to music anyway so why not use the note function on that?  

So tell me, what type of workouts do you do?  Are you more cardio based or weight/resistance based?  The research says that we in fact need to do both.  The cardio increases the heart rate, which is important for heart health, and it also gives us overall calorie burn.  For me, I find it to be FUN!  That’s right call me a nut, but I love to jog and find it to be very freeing and great for increasing my energy.  Weight or resistance training is important too.  Although it isn’t my favorite of the two it is important because it helps us to build strong bones (increased muscles mean the bones have to get stronger) and that fights of osteoporosis and osteopenia.  Also according to sources such as the CDC it helps in reducing symptoms of chronic conditions such as arthritis, pain, and diabetes. It also increases our lean muscle mass and decreases body fat.  One of the kickers is that muscles actually burn fat during daily tasks and helps us to be able to complete those daily tasks better by increasing agility and helping with stability.  Both types of exercise are important and should be done 5-7 days a week for at least 30 minutes.  *Remember, if you aren’t used to exercise you should go slow and talk to your doctor first.* 

It also helps to get a trainer to help you out, that is what I am doing in addition to writing down what the routine to help me.  I have in mind certain areas I want to see more muscle in and things I want to be able to do physically so paring that with some guidance from someone that knows what to do to get there.  Among my goals is doing a pull up (an update to come later on this), a handstand, and to see what I can do about the stomach flab.  Again getting some assistance from someone in reaching those goals and making sure they are realistic is my next step. This is my plan to get on track and find some direction.  Do you have difficulties with direction when it comes to your fitness goals?  If so what have you done to find direction?


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