Weekend Prep and Pull Up Update

Okay so I did so awesome in my prep for last Sunday, that I had some stuff left for this week!  Not intentional, but it worked well for me and saved me some time.  This week I decided to try some soba noodles for my lunches.  I have never had them, but recently did some research on their nutrition and found that they are a great option for wanting pasta, but not wanting the high carb count.  I made sure to get noodles that were actually all buckwheat (many brands throw in whole wheat flour too), and I even got them from a local store here in Chinatown.  Yes Las Vegas has a Chinatown and it’s pretty cool.  So I made them (another advantage they take 4 minutes to cook) and added them to some chicken breast, orange/yellow/green peppers, pineapples, chia seeds, and some quinoa.  I think it will be a nice zesty & tangy taste combining my fruits and veggies!

So along with that we have: 1. Some of my hummus that is still left and fresh cut veggies to dip in it.  2. Some left over quinoa. 3. Greek God’s greek yogurt (full fat) trying honey this time. 4. Kind bars to snack on, love them and just tried the coconut today, OMG!  5. Some hard boiled eggs and whole wheat english muffin with almond butter for my breakfasts. 6. I still have some of my roasted chickpeas and wasabi peas.

Now because I have issues with sticking to portion sizes I found some containers that are preportioned so that I know if I fill it how many ounces or cups I have to snack on.  It’s a great way for me to stay on track!

As for the pullups, I am making progress!  I have been able to use the “machine” to do a few dips in the past.  This time I was able to go a tiny bit further down and stabilize much better!  I am up to being able to do 50lbs on a lat pull down and 45lbs on the row machine.  I even did 2 minutes and 30 seconds on a plank today!  Needless to say I am feeling it in my arms and even in my legs.  Amazing how such a small move can kick your butt!  So I will concur this machine!  I put this picture as my background on my phone to remind me of what I am working for.

I am also looking at flattening my belly, yeah I know like many women.  So I am already doing a few of the exercises recommended on this site called Skinny Ms. All of them are to flatten your belly, so I will take their challenge and add the other moves they recommend and we shall see if what is said will work. Here’s the link if you want to check it out and give it a try.  I can’t promise anything because I am not a fitness expert and haven’t done this routine as they recommend, but it’s worth a try if you have the fitness levels to do it.
Skinny Ms flat belly workout 

Tomorrow I am going to post some motivations and challenges, going to call it Monday Motivations.  In the meantime have a great week!


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