Weekend prep getting back in the habit.

Okay if I ever figure this out I will post my pics of some of my weekend prep that I do.  I was doing it pretty regularly for awhile and had some things in life change and fell out of the practice.  So I am working on getting back to it.  It really helps to have your food and snacks set up as much as you can so you don’t make poor choices and say hit that drive thru because you are “starving”.  So what I have been doing is working on making a lunch to eat on during the week.  Cooking up some protein in the form of meat and then adding some veggies and a variety of types of rice/grain options.  Last week I got inspired and did some black rice, quinoa, blue berries, dried cranberries, cashews, almonds, spinach, celery, and hormone free chicken marinated in a pumpkin and apple spice dressing.  I loved it with one exception, the celery proved to be too much and did not taste good with the rest.  Like I said if I can get the pictures to download I will post it.

This week I did fish (to be honest I can’t remember the name of the kind it is, I will have to look it up since I tossed the package).  I decided to take a break from the black rice for a bit and had brown rice.  I added that to my leftover quinoa, some butter nut squash, green peppers, chia seeds, some left over home made baja sauce, and onions.  The fish is yummy so hopefully the rest will be, especially since I will be eating on it all week.

Here are the pictures, I hope:

I also already cut up some celery and carrots, have a bit of hummus left, and just got some Greek God’s Plain Greek yogurt (I prefer the full fat or at least 2% I find I fill full with less if I do it that way).

One last bit, I have done some research on doing a pull up and have at the moment been working on increasing how much weight I am lifting and doing some lat pulls as well as my usual arms.  My workout this weekend was kind of week cardio wise because of my knees causing a problem, but I will be back up and running soon again.  I should also be getting my foodie pen pal stuff this week so I will be posting it here.  I’m going to work on doing more prep by planning stuff out during the week so I have a plan this next weekend.  Okay enough rambling, more later I hope.  Have a great week!


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