Weekend workout the search for the pull up begins

The workouts I do on the weekend tend to be a bit better than during the week.  During the week I work a schedule that has me getting off work in the evenings often.  So today’s workout was running for 30 minutes on the treadmill and weights.  I used to love doing weights in high school, but have fallen in love with cardio workouts as an adult so it’s been hard to incorporate resistance training.  However as my friend Tracy points out to me (often) you burn more fat with muscle and muscle is important for strong bones, so I have added it.  
I have this goal though, well one of them, and that is I would love to do a pull up.  Not an easy task for a female.  At my gym they have pretty basic equipment really.  It’s not crowded by any means though and even though it has a funky smell in the bathrooms and the men wear waayyyy to much cologne I like it.  Back to the equipment issue, it was suggested to me I use a pull up assisted machine. Something that I can use to lift my own body weight a bit at a time.  We don’t have one.  There is a contraption to do dips and pull ups, so I sucked it up and braved it today to give it a try.  Seconds after hanging I fell, gracefully to the ground, not a shock by any means.  But with the dip I was able to get up, stabilize and do a slight dip.  It was such a tiny little dip down I am not sure anyone else could see it, lol!  I am going to keep working on my arms and upper body so that I can do it, one day.

Okay on to the article or other blog that I saw today that I wanted to share.  It’s affirmation of things I have been told about weight loss and “body sculpting”.  Yes you can add muscle and make some changes, that is obvious, but a lot of the things out there that say fat burning and ab blasting are misleading.  I have over my adult life lost 100lbs now.  The last 75 of it being in the last few years and I would LOVE to have a way to get rid of my stomach so it is nice and flat and the wings that are left on my arms.  But there is not a quick fix that is long lasting.  It took years to abuse my body and it is taking years to get it where I want it or as close as I can.  You may hate hearing it, but the only real way to fat loss is diet and exercise.  Anyway, here is a link to the blog article.  I really liked it and like I said it was an affirmation.  Tomorrow I will post my week prep/meal that I will eat off of for my lunches.  I am still trying to decide what it will be, I will probably add some of the lentils I made last week and still have in the fridge.  I am so so about lentils so far, but hate to waste them especially knowing they are good for me.  :-/



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