Starting again

Okay so I decided to start again with this blog thing.  Who knows if I will keep it up or how well I will do with it.  You might wonder about the name of my blog, but if you know me and saw any pictures you wouldn’t.  I am about a year or so in this new body I guess you would say and am really just now getting more comfortable with it.  I still see things I want different, but am working to accept that just might not happen and on being okay with that.  In the last year I have been working with a great group of ladies, who are RD’s or fitness gurus, that have been teaching me a lot about not just being skinny, but healthy.  I must say it’s been awesome and I love learning and adding to my pallet.  

Alright to get to the nitty gritty of today’s post I have started following a lady named Lindsay who has a blog called the Lean Green Bean.  From that blog I have gotten some good ideas and recipes to try.  I decided to join Foodie Penpals a penpal program she set up and I just mailed my package off today.  The person sending to me is in Texas and is sending me some hot stuff.  I love eating stuff that makes my nose hairs curl and snot drip! šŸ™‚ 

So I am going to give this blogging a whirl and who knows maybe someone will actually read it on occasion.  Maybe I will start posting some of my weekday lunch creations, workouts, and other goofy stuff.  As for tonight I will leave you with a link if you want to check out Lindsay and the penpal group.  I am thinking about doing the challenge the next time she does one.  I just hate to commit to it and not be able to do it.  We will see, maybe in the future.  In fact if I get brave I may even share a link to my blog with my friends and family. LOL!

The Lean Green Bean


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